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Wakayama-Shirahama Onsen & Japanese Ryokan in beach side location.

Shirahama Onsen Hotel Sanrakuso
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All Guestrooms with Ocean View
Point 1
 All Guestrooms with
 Ocean View

Beyond the window lies the breathtaking
expanse of Shirarahama Beach.
The magnificent sunset viewed from the
guestrooms is a sight to behold.

Point 2 Natural Hot Spring

With a history of over 1,300 years, hirahama Onsen is also known as one of the three oldest hot springs in Japan, along with Arima and Dogo.

Natural Hot Spring

Dinner-in the Room or Restaurant?
Point 3
 Dinner - in the Room
 or Restaurant?

The choice of having dinner in a guest room or at the restaurant is depend on the room type that guest booked.
Please kindly confirm the place for dinner with the room types name.
Those who reserved with dinner plan,please check in before 7pm.

Point 4
 Breakfast (Buffet Style)

Enjoy breakfast featuring a wide range of Wakayama’s local ingredients. Wakayama’s popular and healthy Kishu "Nankou plums", "Plum juice", and onsen-boiled eggs from "Umedori chickens" raised on plum vinegar.

*Guests in 8F Hamasuishou’s breakfast is not buffet. Hamasuishou standard room: Breakfast in Dining room Aoi, Hamasuishou Suite: Breakfast in guestroom.

Breakfast (Buffet Style)

Omotenashi -Japanese Hospitality
Point 5
 - Japanese Hospitality

A hotel by name, a traditional Japanese
ryokan (inn) in style. Enjoy the comforts of
a traditional Japanese onsen ryokan.

Point 6
 Tourist Information

Shirarahama Beach, Engetsu Island,
Sandanbeki, Adventure World, and pandas!
Not to mention the UNESCO-listed Kumano
Kodo pilgrimage trail!
Stay at conveniently located Sanrakuso, and
explore the wonders of Shirahama!

Tourist Information

all guestroom Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi, all Guestroom

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