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Wakayama-Shirahama Onsen & Japanese Ryokan in beach side location.

Shirahama Onsen Hotel Sanrakuso
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Directions to Hotel SanrakusoDirections to Hotel Sanrakuso

By a Air from Osaka&Kyoto,Kobe,Nagoya

From Kansai International AirportFrom Kansai International Airport

Airport Bus timetable

From Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo by trainFrom Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo by train

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Directions from JR Shirahama Station

Shirahama Onsen Ryokan Cooperative free shuttle bus
Shirahama Station departure
(Reservations not necessary, "first-come, first-serve" system Limited to the first 20 people)

Shuttle Bus

Free morning shuttle bus
Hotel Sanrakuso departure for Shirahama station via Nanki-Shirahama airport
(Reservations needed)
Bus A: 08:51 (09:13 Nanki-Shirahama airport, 09:30 Shirahama Station)
Bus B: 10:21 (10:43 Nanki-Shirahama airport, 11:00 Shirahama Station)
Contact Hotel Sanrakuso for reservations and details regarding the morning shuttle bus.

Route Bus
Busses run daily from, Shirahama station, and Nanki-Shirahama airport.
・Closest bus stop is "Hashiriyu 走り湯"
・30 min by Meiko bus from Shirahama Station

meikobus timetableClosest bus stop is Hashiriyu

15 minutes by taxi from JR Shirahama station. (~2,000 yen)

From Osaka & Kyoto, Kobe and Nagoya by car From Osaka & Kyoto, Kobe and Nagoya by car

Hotel Sanrakuso 
3078, Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama 649-2211, Japan

Shirahama Onsen (hot-spring villages) City map
Shirahama Onsen(hot-spring villages) Down town mapprint a maps

Tourist Information

World heritage Kumanokodo

World heritage Kumanokodo
60 min. by car
Kumano Kodo is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as part of the "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range". Not only is Kumano Kodo popular among trekking and walking enthusiasts, it is also attracting attention as a spiritual "power spot".

Adventure World

Adventure World
15 min. by car
Bask in the warmth of nature in the land of animals, Adventure World. The theme park offers plenty of opportunities to get up close with the animals, such as the giant pandas which are adorable no matter what they do.

Shirarahama Beach

Shirarahama Beach
1 min. by walk
This beach extends some 600 meters along the shallow waters of the bay. The quartz sand, which contains 90% silica, is literally pristinely white and fine.

Engetsu Islet

Engetsu Islet
8 min. by car
Engetsu Islet is a beloved symbol of Shirahama.
The island's official name is Takashima. Be breathtaken by the spectacular sunset.


5 min. by car
This cliff rises to a height of 50m on the southern shore of Senjojiki. The dynamic sight of the Kuroshio currents breaking on the rocks and violently colliding with each other is a stunning display of the force of nature.


5 min. by car
Senjojiki (Thousand Tatami Mats), as the name implies, is a large bedrock that brings to mind a wide iwadatami (rock tatami). The bedrock, composed of tertiary strata sandstone, has been eroded with the pounding of the rough surf to create a magnificent landscape.


Sakino-yu hot spring
10 min. by walk
This hot spring is the only one remaining of Yuzaki’s seven hot springs of the ancient Manyo period. Located about 10 meters from the sea, this bath offers bathers a soak among the lapping waves. Other hot springs include Muro-no-yu, Shirasuna, Shirara-yu, Matsuno-yu, Tsunano-yu, and more.

Tsukumoto no Yu

Tsukumoto no Yu

1 min. by walk
Located just near Shirarahama Beach and Sanrakuso is this foot bath drawn from "Tsukumoto no Yu" hot spring. Other foot baths include Mifune Ashi-yu, Shirahama Ginza Ashi-yu Yokocho, and Yanagibashi Ashi-yu.

The Annex Hotel Hanatemari

The Annex Hotel Hanatemari

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