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Wakayama-Shirahama Onsen & Japanese Ryokan in beach side location.

Shirahama Onsen Hotel Sanrakuso
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FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Hotel Facilities and Guestrooms

Do you provide a car park / parking lots?

Our complimentary car park is available to all our guests.

【Hotel Sanrakuso】
Please be aware that our car park is not on site.
We offer valet parking service for the guests.
We will arrange transport for your car to the car park.
Please ask upon arrival at the hotel.

【Hotel Hanatemari】
Car parks are available on the premises of Hotel Hanatemari.

Are the guestrooms Japanese-style?

All guestrooms at Sanrakuso (main building) are Japanese-style rooms.
The standard guestrooms in the main building are either 10 tatami mats or 12 tatami mats in size.
The 10-tatami mat room can accommodate up to 5 guests. The 12-tatami mat room can
accommodate up to 6 guests.

What is the difference between 8F Hamasuishou and 9F Mashirano?

8F Hamasuisho: Opened on March, 2017.
9F Mashirano: Opened on June, 2008.
Therefore, 8th floor is newer.

8F Hamasuisho (Japnaese room): Dinner in room or 8F restaurant Aoi, Breakfast in Aoi.
8F Hamasuisho (Western room): Dinner and breakfast in 8F restaurant Aoi.
8F Hamasuisho (Suite: Beni, Tsuki, Ryoku and Fuji-no-shou): Dinner and breakfast in room.
9F Mashirano: Dinner in room, breakfast is buffet at 5F restaurant Waku-waku.

8F Hamasuihou (Tsuki, Beni, Ryoku and Fuji-no-shou) are the highest grade room of our hotel.

Are your facilities elderly- or wheelchair-friendly?

The inside of Sanrakuso (main building) is wheelchair-accessible.
Unfortunately, there is a flight of stairs in the daiyokujo bathhouse of Sanrakuso (main building).
Also, guestrooms are not barrier-free.

Can we reserve adjacent rooms?

While we do our best to provide groups with adjacent rooms,
this may not be possible in some instances.

What kind of Amenity Items do you provide?

【In guestrooms】
Hair dryer, toothbrush, yukata robe, bath towel, face towel, two-in-one shampoo, soap
※Eco-plan guests are provided with only a face towel, a bath towel, and a hair dryer.

【In the bathhouse (main building)】
Body wash, shampoo, hair conditioner, toner, lotion, cotton bud, brush, hair dryer
※Face towels and bath towels are not available in the bathhouse.
Please bring face towels and bath towels from your room.

Do you have non-smoking rooms?

【Japanese room】
We only have a limited number of non-smoking rooms.
If you require it, please let us know in advance.
If there is none available, we will prepare a deodorized room for your stay.

【Japanese western style room, Room with Private Open-air Bath】
5F Japanese western style room, 8F Hamasuishou and 9F Mashirano are non-smoking rooms only.

Do you have a family bath-type, chartered bath?

We do not have any chartered baths.

Staying with Children

From what age does the child fee apply?

When making a reservation over the Internet,
do not enter the "children" field of the form, if your child is 0 year old.
(Please note that you will be charged the child fee if you enter this field.)
Children from 1 to 3 years old will be charged 2,160 yen.

【Optional fee for children up to 3 years old】
・Futon bedding: 1,080 yen
・Child meal: 2,160 yen

Is Sanrakuso child-friendly?

We provide high chairs and bassinets in our restaurant, as well as a baby bed in our bathhouse
in the main building.
There is also a hospital 5 minutes by car from Sanrakuso, in case of emergencies.
Hamayu Hospital website


Can I have my dinner in my room?

We offer in-room dining and restaurant dining.
Please confirm when you make your reservation.

Can I have my breakfast in my room?

We offer in-room breakfast for the guests staying in suite only.
Standard room guest’s breakfast will be served in buffet-style.
* We sometimes provide in-room breakfast when the entire
 restaurant is reserved by a group tour.

Is dinner served at a specified time?

Dinner is served from 6:00 p.m. The last seating is at 7:00 p.m.
Guests arriving after 6:30 p.m. will be served dinner immediately.
Dinner serving times are every half an hour: 18:00 / 18:30 / 19:00
Summer holiday’s restaurant buffet: 17:30 - 19:00 or 19:30 - 21:00.
Please inform us of your preferred dinner time upon your arrival.

Changes of Meals

Please let us know in advance if you require a special meal (vegetarian, religious dietary restrictions, etc.). We will do our best to accommodate your needs.
Enter the details of your request in the "Memo" field when making your reservation.
Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your request if the details are unclear.
Depending on what you require, we may not be able to accommodate your request.
Please also note that we may not be able to accommodate any requests made the day before and
on the day of your stay.

Can you accommodate food allergies?

Although we are able to eliminate certain ingredients from your meal,
we do use the same cooking utensils and facilities for preparation.
Dishes served at the breakfast buffet are labeled with information for food allergies.
Please feel free to ask the staff if you have any questions.


Cancellation Fee

Sanrakuso’s cancellation policy is as follows:
Cancellation on the day of check-in: 80% of total accommodation fee.
One day before: 20% of total accommodation fee.
Two days before: 20% of total accommodation fee.

Will you hold our luggage and car before our check-in time? (15:00)

We will be happy to keep your luggage and car for you before your check-in time and after your check-out time.
There is no need to let us know in advance.

Can I send you my luggage beforehand?

Yes you are welcome to send your luggage to us. Please write the sender's name and the check-in date on the invoice and contact us after you have sent your luggage. Please ensure that the sender's name is the same as the reservation name.
3078 Shirahamacho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama 649-2211
Hotel Sanrakuso   Tel: 0739-43-1111

We are arriving later/earlier than planned.

Please contact us if your arrival will be any later than 18:00pm.

Do you sell advanced tickets to Adventure World?

Advanced tickets (1Day Pass) are on sale at the reception.

Adult: 4,300yen (Age 18+)
Senior: 3,800yen (Age 65+)
Junior: 3,300yen (SHS & JHS student)
Child: 2,300yen (Elementary school student Ages 4+)

Notes: Entrance to the Park, Marine Live, Safari on the Kenya Tour.
Advanced tickets for Energy Land are also available.
*Payment for the advanced ticket is cash only.

Are we allowed to bring in alcoholic beverages?

Although you are not permitted to bring your own beverages during dinner,
you are allowed your own drinks during other hours.
You are welcome to use the refrigerator in your room.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept the following credit cards:
◇JCB ◇VISA/Master ◇Diners ◇DC ◇UFJ Nicos ◇UC Group ◇Central ◇RENSEN ◇American Express ◇UnionPay

The Annex Hotel Hanatemari

The Annex Hotel Hanatemari

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